Class 1: The Bryan Haigh Trophy – Abby McDonald

Class 2: The Pamela Burton Trophy – Katie Savannah Rennison

Class 3: The Bryan Haigh Cup - Cally Louise Fletcher

Class 4: The Horace Belcher Memorial Trophy – Mollie Paige Shone

Class 5: The Taylor Memorial Trophy - No entries this year

Class 6: The John R Swift Memorial Trophy - Benjamin Zajac



Class 7: The Eric Crossley Cup – Sorcha Greaves (Flute)

Class 8: Festival Medal and Certificate - Isobel Kerr (Flute)



Class 10: The William Glossop Memorial Trophy – Emma Nelson

Class 11: The Elizabeth Doughty Memorial Trophy - Zachary Smith

Class 12: The Vera Blackwell Trophy - Zachary Smith

Class 13: The Audrey Jubb Trophy – Zachary Smith

Class 14: The Ronnie Burton Memorial Trophy – Madeleine Alice Carr

Class 14: The Raymond Woodcock Cup - Zachary Smith



Class 15: The Alice Milnes Memorial Trophy - Rodillian Singers

Class 17: The Jack Jubb Memorial Trophy - Rodillian Singers

Class 17: The Neville Trophy – Vivacity Choir


Special Overall Awards

The Doris Wilson Cup for Piano – Cally Louise Fletcher

The Eileen Diamond Memorial Trophy for Singing - Zachery Smith

The Bronze Medallion for the Outstanding Performance of the Day - Zachery Smith